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Appeal to landlords to house refugees in government-funded scheme

A council is appealing to landlords to help it fulfil a pledge to be a sanctuary to vulnerable refugees. Bristol council has pledged to resettle 15 families each year – around 75 refugees – under the UK Resettlement Scheme. Since the Home Office-funded scheme launched in April the local authority has successfully resettled three families

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The rise of HMOs in the UK rental market

Over the last 10 to 15 years, the UK private rental and HMO (houses in multiple occupation) sectors have grown strongly. The main reason is affordability issues arising from house price growth considerably outperforming wage growth. The average house price is now £250,000, so a first-time buyer needs a deposit of around £37,500 (15%) to acquire a

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Co-living boom – lets rise by over a third in post-lockdown period

Fresh data from one of London’s largest co-living operators has revealed the positive impact of lockdown restrictions lifting on tenant sentiment within the PRS, in particular the co-living market. The effect of lockdown restrictions gradually lifting over the past three months on the co-living portion of the private rented sector has now been shown in

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The importance of flood mitigation in new residential developments

Climate change has brought increased rainfall across the country, especially in places that may not have had as much risk of heavy rainfall before. As such, new developments, and existing property, is at risk like never before. Homes can be devastated by flood damage, and important memories destroyed. It is also a costly process, for

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UK housing boom may derail post-Brexit trade dreams

LONDON, July 7 (Reuters) – History suggests Britain’s house price surge could threaten hopes of post-Brexit export-powered growth, if finance minister Rishi Sunak uses the housing market to fuel the economy like his predecessors did. Stoked by his tax break on property purchases and a pandemic-driven rush for larger houses as more people work from

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House prices: Demand changes, not tax waiver, pushed prices up

The current house prices boom was not caused by the stamp duty holiday, a new report has argued. The Resolution Foundation says prices will keep rising because of pandemic-related factors like low interest rates and changing home preferences. In fact, the think tank says the tax holiday was “wasteful” and HMRC lost out on about

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